Anyone can Pressure Wash a House

How to Pressure Wash A House

Or rather how not to…
When you think of how to pressure waah a house, most likely your thinking about renting a pressure washing machine from home depot or some other box store. But without the knowledge of pressure washing, a pressure washer is a dangerous machine. To you and your property, even a small electric pressure washer can do significant damage to you and your home. Pressure washing is a generic term for cleaning a surface with machinary…. It used to mean “pressure washing” blasting a pressurized water source at a surface to remove grime. In fact most professional pressure washing companies near you probably dont use as much pressure as one of those small machines does on your home. The only place pressure is suitable is on concrete sidewalks, driveways and most pool decks. Brick, Stucco, Hardy Board, Limestone and asphalt shingles are damaged very easily by anyone who is using a pressure washer without carefully inspecting the area they are cleaning and having the knowledge of the correct operation of the equipment they are using.

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