Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pressure Washing FAQ’s

What is our Quality Guarantee?

Our Quality Guarantee on all Pressure Washing Services is a no Green for 1 yr. Policy in that if any green reappears we will clean again at no charge to you.

How often should I have My House Washed?

This varies based on the homes location and environment. For instance, if the home is in a humid climate with lots of shade, the conditions for algae growth are increased thus the frequency of a house wash would then also increase. However, typically a house wash should last the average Texas home three years.

How often should my Driveway and Sidewalks be cleaned?

This too, is dependent on environment, for instance, if there are a lot of acorn producing trees in near proximity to the surface in question. The frequency of cleaning would be much sooner than if it were not. Typically Driveway Cleaning and Sidewalk Cleaning should be done once per year to maintain its substrate as well as eliminating any safety factors such as slip and fall hazards.


Other related Pressure Washing FAQ’s 

How Much should it cost to pressure wash my house?

There are several factors when considering price and varies between markets and contractors as well. See our Pressure Washing Prices page for more info on what goes into factoring cost when estimating the cost to pressure wash.

How do you clean Stucco?

We use a Soft Wash Cleaning Method that utilizes our proprietary Cleaning Solution in conjunction with a low pressure setting to deliver the solution to the surface. The Solution from our pressure washing mix tank is siphoned thru a draw tube into a chemical injector using a Venturi effect. The injector mixes the cleaning solution with the water from our holding tank and out the end of our pressure wash hose. The pressure washing nozzles we use also have a large orifice. This, in turn, reduces the pressure coming from our hose to approximately 800 psi. The flow of our equipment allows us to reach three story peaks with low pressure, and also without the use of a ladder, which as we know, pressure washing and ladders are a very dangerous combination.

What is “The Venturi Effect”?

Google gives this description:

The Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section (or choke) of a pipe. The Venturi effect is named after Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746–1822), an Italian physicist.

Can you do damage with a Pressure Washer to concrete?

YES! Most consumers are unaware of the danger and damage that a pressure washer can do. Even the small electric pressure washers have enough PSI to cause irreparable damage. I am all for DIY pressure washing, but believe training and safety should always be first. Did you know the red tip that came with your equipment is made to etch concrete or cut wood? Something to remember Pressure Destroys it does not Clean. Every time pressure alone is used as a cleaning process, you are essentially just removing the top layer of the surface, there are only so many “Top” layers before there are no layers…..

Should I have my Home Power Washed before repainting?

Yes, Having the home Professionally Pressure Washed before painting helps. This will insure that any unseen organics are eradicated before a new layer of paint is applied. If not done, the organic material with grow underneath the new layer of paint and can cause major issues.

What is the Clean Water Act and How does it effect Pressure Washing?

The Clean Water Act is a Law that is intended to protect the U.S. fisheries and water ways by eliminating pollutants that are discharged into our storm drain systems. This includes the chemical solutions used by pressure washers as well as the contaminants the pressure washer removed from the surface that was cleaned. For more information regarding the Clean Water Act and what you can do to help and be proactive visit the EPA’s website regarding the CWA

What should I look for when looking for a Pressure Washing Contractor?

In my opinion it is important for the pressure washing contractor you hire to be properly insured. This covers many other questions, like, if thy are insured with specific pressure washing insurance they most likely have done some research and are a legitimate company. Not many people realize that basic business insurance and most home owners policies, specifically exclude damage caused by the act of pressure washing. This means if the contractor is not properly insured and an accident occurs to your property or persons, it could spell disaster for all involved.





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